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By Lisa James
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Independents have given the thumbs up to Jet2holidays for reminding returning customers to use the same agent when it comes to booking their next holiday.

Customers who download the Jet2 app get a message when they’ve returned home that says: “Welcome home. Time to book again!” It then gives the name of the agency and its phone number.

It was highlighted by TARGET Co-Founder Graeme Brett, after a customer sent him screen shot.

Graeme, who runs Westoe Travel in South Shields, posted on the TARGET Facebook page: “Well done Jet2holidays.

“A customer who booked with us and downloaded the Jet2holidays app received this message on their return from holiday.

“Thank you for your support, Jet2holidays.”

His post has been liked by over 120 agents.

Graeme told Travel Gossip: “I wasn’t aware of this until the other day.

“Agents have had problems in the past with some operators contacting returning customers to persuade them to book direct next time and agents are reluctant to provide client details to suppliers for this reason.

“This is another example of Jet2’s fantastic support for independents.”

Meanwhile, Jet2 is continuing its run of agent fam trips with two more this month, adding to the three fam trips it ran in April.

More are being planned for June.

Head of Trade Alan Cross said the operator was ‘making up for lost time’ with the number of educationals it is organising for 2022.

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