What does the latest homeworking company offer agents that’s different to all the others?

By Lisa James
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A new homeworking company for the travel industry launches this month, with the aim of attracting people who want more freedom in what they sell and how much they earn.

Travel Safe Managing Director Brett Gerrett, who spent the last three-and-a-half years in operations for Sunvil, said he was inspired to set up the venture after small business owners told him they were frustrated with what was on offer.  

“There are a lot of homeworking companies out there and a good proportion of them are starting to take the freedom away from the agents that have gone there to make a success of their business,” he said.

“We believe in giving travel professionals the freedom to run and operate their own businesses while providing solid financial protection and business support – no glitzy head offices, no expensive overheads; just an easy way for agents to do what they do best while maximising their profits.”

Travel Safe is part of Protected Trust Services and PTS MD Mark Sutton describes the start-up as a ‘a forward thinking and dynamic solution’.

What’s on offer?

Travel Safe has its own ATOL and IATA licence; members have GDS access and can earn commission of up to 90%. Support is outsourced, offering 24/7 support for agents and clients, which Brett says is not always offered by some other homeworking companies.

“We’ve got Amadeus, for people who want to use that, a really good DP and quoting system,” he added.

“You log in with one password and you start your day. That’s it. My hatred is having to remember eight different passwords.

“We built a mobile app that includes the ability for them to take payment on the phone, without the need to send a link or arrange BACS transfer.”

In addition to payment processing, the app will provide business updates, commercial agreements, supplier account information, booking management and instant support.

Agents who sign up pay a monthly cost of £49 and Travel Safe is waiving the joining fee during July.

There are plans afoot to run a training academy to help members grow their business.

Who else is involved?

Brett says he’ll soon reveal a major shareholder and two well-known executives who’ll work with him running the day-to-day business.

One is joining as Sales and Marketing Director at the end of this month and a Head of Product arrives in August. Brett describes all three as ‘industry stalwarts’.

“We are a business created by agents, for agents. Our team all have significant industry experience,” he said.

Has anyone signed up yet?

Brett’s target is for 50 members by the end of the year.

“Our main target is established businesses – people looking for more freedom who don’t need much handholding.

“But people who have shops and retail units that want to join us – specialists that yearn for a bit more freedom – are welcome.”

Ahead of this week’s launch announcement, eight agents have signed up so far, with nine more pending set-up, 18 ‘in the pipeline’ and others who have expressed an interest.

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