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The decision by the Spanish government to issue so-called digital nomad visas to citizens of the US and non- EU countries has made moving abroad a more realistic prospect for travel agents.

The visa would grant successful applicants from UK the opportunity to once again live in Spain while working remotely for companies located outside the country.

While the law has not yet passed, it is reported that the visas will be initially given for a period of one year and renewable for more than five years according to applicants’ circumstances.

In order to be granted a visa, applicants must reside outside the European Economic Area and also demonstrate that they have already been working remotely for at least a year.

Croatia, Estonia, Portugal, and Iceland have already rolled out Digital Nomad Visas, while Romania implemented a similar visa in January this year.

Without a visa, Brits are only allowed to spend a maximum of 90 days out of 180 in the EU, and they’re not allowed to work while there since the UK is no longer part of the European Union.

Which homeworking travel agencies allow you to work from abroad?

Various UK homeworking travel agencies allow their staff to work from abroad. Travel Counsellors has agents working in Spain, Barbados, France and Cyprus, while Holidaysplease has agents in several countries including Mauritius, Abu Dhabi, Israel, Greece and Spain.  

Gary Gillespie, Managing Director of Independent Travel Experts said: “We do have a handful of homeworkers who live overseas – France, Corfu and Portugal, and they have been operating very successful businesses for a number of years.”

Some agencies like Protected Trust Services don’t yet have members or staff who are based outside the UK, but they openly encourage and can facilitate it due to their cloud-based software. 

Jacqui Cleaver, the Head of Communications at Protected Trust Services said: “Protected Trust Services offers a cloud-based solution for travel companies which allows both staff and owners to be based anywhere in the world. We are sure that within the PTS membership there will now be members, both directors, and their staff, who will take advantage of the digital nomad visa being introduced by Spain and other European countries.”

She added: “With the cost of living crisis in the UK living abroad will most definitely be appealing for some.”

David Moon, Head of Business Development at Advantage Travel Centres agreed that working abroad has cost benefits. “I can see the merits in the scheme, especially during the winter when agents may find it is cheaper for them to work in Spain with lower energy costs, than staying in the UK for example. I also think there is a broader view of agents adjusting their work life/balance. The pandemic has mobilised the workforce to some extent (where jobs are portable) and working overseas could be an attractive option for people.”

Three homeworkers, two different countries, are they living the dream or pining for home?

However, not all homeworking companies are set up to allow agents to work from abroad. Bhav Taylor of travel technology provider TProfile said having the right system is key.

TProfile provides a system used by Aquilium Travel, which allows agents with its three brands Aquilium Travel, The Travel Directors and The Travel Managers to work from anywhere.

 “A laptop and a strong wi-fi connection is absolutely essential, you also need a technology system that gives you the flexibility to work well wherever you are,” said Bhav.

Aquilium MD Gary Pridmore said many of his homeworkers spend extended periods of time working abroad. If you sign up to the right agency, you could too!

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