Video of Wizz Air jet skimming over tourists goes viral

By Linsey McNeill
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A video of a Wizz Air landing on the Greek island of Skiathos has gone viral.

It has already been seen more than three million times on Youtube.

The video shows the Airbus A321neo skimming just over of holidaymakers on a beach just at the edge of the airport.

It also appears to narrowly miss plane-spotters standing on a road that runs next to the airport, with many almost blown over by the blast.

Filming planes taking off and landing at Skiathos airport has become a tourist attraction, but it is also potentially dangerous.

In fact, there have been at least three injuries to plane spotters in Skiathos.

In July a British woman suffered serious head injuries when she was blown into the sea as a jet took off from Skiathos airport. Seconds earlier she had been standing on the road with her arms outstretched.

Only a month earlier, an elderly man had been blasted into the air by a departing plane.

In 2018, a 12-year-old British boy was injured when he was thrown into the air after standing too close to the airport’s perimeter fence.

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