Video: Watch a dramatic evacuation from Celebrity ship

Celebrity Eclipse medical evacuation
By Linsey McNeill
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A coast guard has released video footage of a medical evacuation from Celebrity Eclipse as it sailed towards Victoria in British Columbia.

The passenger was suffering from a suspected stroke and needed emergency treatment.

As the ship was 100 miles from the nearest port, the US Coast Guard despatched a helicopter to evacuate them to hospital.

The video, released on Twitter, shows the intricate – and sometimes dangerous – operation as the helicopter has to winch the stretchered passenger off the ship.

The MH60 Jayhawk helicopter was too heavy to land on the helipad on the deck of Celebrity Eclipse, so it had to offer above the ship.

Earlier this month, the same type of helicopter nearly crashed while attempting a medical evacuation from Carnival Dream.

During that incident, a sudden squall meant the helicopter was pushed dangerously close to the surf. It was forced to abandon the rescue, but a second crew later completed the rescue mission.


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