Video: Agent writes unique song about US fam trip, using AI 

Agent writes song about US press trip
By Linsey McNeill
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Travel agent Ashely Quint of Hertfordshire-based Travel Time World wrote an original song about a fam trip he attended to the US, entirely using AI.

Ashley wrote his own lyrics about the JetBlue trip, but then used the web-based software Suno to add the music.

“Suno is a bit like ChatGPT for music, you just need to tell it what you want and how you want it to sound,” explained Ashley. “If you write your own lyrics you need to know how to structure a song, you need a bit of knowledge, but you can use AI to create the lyrics as well by telling it what you want.”

Ashley, who does have a musical background, said that prior to the JetBlue trip he had already used AI to write an album of songs about responsible travel.

He suggested other agents could also use AI to make original songs about themselves and what services they offer to market their businesses on social media platforms such as Instagram, or to promote an event or an anniversary.

“It is something that is a little bit more original than getting a track off Instagram and using that,” said Ashley. “I have done lots of different things.”

He set his song about the JetBlue fam trip, which was organised in partnership with Jetset, to a video of images from the group in New York and Boston. Since the trip was called Catch Mint If You Can after JetBlue’s premium service, it became the title of Ashley’s song.

“I’ve shared it with others on the trip and they’re all free to use it,” he said. “The Americans really loved it.

“Using AI to create unique music is fun and different, and anything fun and different in travel is good.”

Photo of fam trip from Ashley, pictured back row, fourth from left

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