Vertical Travel Group to hold another 2022 overseas conference later in year

By Lisa James
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Vertical Travel Group is to hold a second 2022 conference in the autumn after CEO Peter Healey said he wants to capitalise on the success of last week’s event in Cyprus.

The group took over the Constantinou Bros Asimina Suites Hotel in Paphos for a five-day event from 30 March to 3 April, where around 80 of the group’s agents met up with suppliers.

It was the first overseas event Vertical Travel Group has held in over two years, after plans to hold events in October 2020 and 2021 were shelved because of COVID.

Peter said: “Everyone’s been isolated, the industry has suffered and bringing everyone together was very important.

“We normally hold our conference around October, but this year I wanted to get everyone together as soon as possible, which is why we held the latest event in March.

“Since returning from Cyprus, I have had a lot of messages from people who didn’t go for various reasons and they are all kicking themselves for not going, as the agents had not only learned a lot but also clearly got a lot out of being together again.

“It was great to see everyone getting together but sad to see how they had missed each other.”

He plans to follow the success of Cyprus with a second conference in Spain in October or November and told Travel Gossip he is currently finalising details including the venue.

He plans to call the conference Better Together.

Travel Gossip’s Jessica Simpson caught up with Vertical Travel Group homeworkers in Paphos at their first conference since the pandemic. Thanks to Vicky Monkhouse, Jayne Chapman, Caroline Mandaracas of Your Holiday Booking and Bev Barron of Holiday Elite for sharing their thoughts.
Jessica also caught up with Vertical Travel Group‘s CEO, Peter Healey. Peter shared his thoughts about his life in the travel industry, recent challenges, and the exciting future in store for Vertical Travel Group.

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