Venice to ban loudspeakers and large tour groups

Venice ban loudspeakers big tour groups
By Lisa James
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Loudspeakers and tour groups of more than 25 people will not be allowed in Venice, under new plans due to come into place this summer.

The move, which will come into effect on 1 June, is the latest rule introduced by the city to try to combat over-tourism.

Councillors announced the new rule on Saturday, saying they wanted to create ‘a greater balance between the needs of those who live in the city, either as residents or workers, and those who come to visit the city’.

The authorities added loudspeakers have been banned as they can ‘generate confusion and disturbances’, while unauthorised tourist guides ‘will no longer be tolerated’.

The new measures follow the introduction of a €5 fee for day tourists, which will apply on peak days between April and mid-July. Large cruise ships are no longer allowed in the centre of Venice.

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