Venice gives official green light to €5 tourist fee

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The city of Venice has given its official approval to impose a €5 entry fee for tourists starting next year.

Travel Gossip reported last week the council planned to introduce the fee to help manage the flow of tourists across the Italian hotspot during busy periods.

The fee, which was approved by the City Council on Tuesday (12 September), is being applied on a trial basis for 30 non-consecutive days during 2024, focusing on busier spring and summer weekends.

It will be applicable to all tourists over the age of 14 who visit the city for the day.

Overnight visitors will be exempt, but already pay a separate tourist tax that has been in place for several years.

On its website the City Council states: “The objective is to discourage daily tourism in certain periods, in line with the delicacy and uniqueness of the City.”

Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said in a statement following the announcement: “We must try to find some system to protect the city from mass tourism which on certain days of the year makes the city unliveable.”

Adding that the fee would be introduced for up to 30 days, he explained: “It is an invitation to day tourists not to come on those days, but if they decide to do so, to book and, if not exempt, to pay the access fee.”

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