US ‘to reopen only to fully vaccinated tourists’

By Linsey McNeill
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The US plans to only allow fully vaccinated tourists to enter when it eventually reopens it borders, according to a White House source

News organisation Reuters said it had been told the US Government is working on a plan to open up travel, but it’s not yet ready to lift restrictions because of the rise in the number of cases of the highly transmissible Delta variant of COVID-19.

It said working groups ‘have a new system ready’ for when the US can reopen travel, which includes the requirement for foreigners to be fully vaccinated.

The US has banned UK tourists in March last year, but the bosses of US-based travel giant Internova told Travel Gossip earlier this week that they were hopeful travel restrictions would be lifted soon following the UK’s decision to allow fully vaccinated US citizens to skip quarantine when they arrive from amber countries.

However, even if the US does re-open its borders to fully vaccinated UK citizens, it has yet to confirm if it will allow entry to those who received vaccines not yet approved in the US, including AstraZeneca.

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