UK travel bosses ‘monitoring’ bedbug infestation in Paris

Paris bedbugs
By Linsey McNeill
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Cruise lines and travel leaders in the UK say they’re keeping a close eye on a bedbug infestation in Paris, which is reported to be rapidly spreading in the French capital.

Residents and visitors to Paris have posted images on social media of the blood-sucking insects found on the city’s Metro trains, as well as in hospitals and homes and at Charles de Gaulle airport.

National newspapers in the UK have reported concern among tourists due to visit the city, with travellers also worried about inadvertently transporting bedbugs back home with them.

Travel consortium Advantage, which is due to take 75 delegates to its Latitude Cruise Conference in Paris next month, said it is ‘monitoring’ the situation.

Most of the delegates are staying onboard Uniworld ship Joie de Vivre during the two-day event, whose spokesperson told Travel Gossip: “The wellbeing of guests and staff is always our number one priority and health and hygiene is paramount.

“The standards of cleanliness and attention to detail on our ships are always exceptionally high and we will continue to operate with the utmost vigilance in this regard.”

Several other river cruise lines also have ships moored in the French capital. CroisiEurope told us its ships are ‘currently free from bedbugs’. A spokesperson added: “CroisiEurope works in collaboration with the company ECOLAB, and as soon as they suspect the presence of bedbugs they will systematically threat the cabin concerned, the two cabins on either side and the three cabins opposite, two times.”

Eurostar said the presence of insects, such as bedbugs, on its trains was ‘extremely rare’. However, it said its seats are ‘cleaned thoroughly’ on a regular basis, including with a hot water injection and extraction system, which it said it ‘highly effective in eliminating bugs’.

EasyJet said its aircraft are cleaned to a ‘very high’ standard every night, with key parts of the cabin disinfected. “We continue to actively monitor the situation in France,” it told media outlets.

Air France said if suspected bedbugs are reported onone of its flights ‘the aircraft would be grounded and a specialist team would immediately be dispatched to confirm or rule out the presence of these insects.

“If the presence of bedbugs was confirmed, a chemical treatment of the aircraft would be carried out,” it added.

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