UK seizes jet alleged to have breached flight ban

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By Linsey McNeill
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A private jet believed to have been used by a Russian oligarch to travel to the UK despite a ban on Russian flights has been impounded at Farnborough Airport.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps revoked the flight permit of the private jet while government officials establish its links to billionaire oil magnate Eugene Shvidler.

At the same time, Mr Shapps tweeted that he had made it a criminal offence for any Russian aircraft to enter UK airspace.

He added that ‘now HMG can detain these jets. We will suffocate Putin’s cronies’ ability to continue living as normal while thousands of innocent people die’.

Last week, the UK banned any Russian aircraft owned by, registered to or charted by anyone resident in Russia from flying over or landing in the UK.

Mr Shapps said the Bombardier jet at Farnborough will be held until it is established whether the aircraft or Mr Shvidler – who has dual Russian and US nationality – fall within its sanction order.

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