Typically tough: boss praises staff for ‘soldiering on’ in freezing office

By Linsey McNeill
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Typically Holidays boss Daniele Broccoli says nothing will stop him and his team dealing with agent queries, even a broken boiler!

Daniele and his team of 12 were continuing to take calls in the Peterborough office this morning, albeit wrapped in blankets.

He posted on Travel Gossip’s Facebook group: “At Typically we are tough, we soldier on, nothing will stop us speaking to our agents.”

And he joked: “On a positive note, I’m saving on the gas bill until we get it working. If we don’t get it working, we will need [to] take emergency procedures from the cabinet and open the Sambuca to keep warm.”

Daniele told Travel Gossip that the boiler broke overnight, and although the plumber is on their way they can’t guarantee when they’ll arrive and get the office warm.

It’s currently 11 degrees centigrade in the Typically office, which is well below the minimum of 16 degrees centigrade recommended by the Government for office work.

However, Daniele said he’s brought in blankets and added: “My team are fantastic, they are just smiling and getting on with it.”

Click here to view the original post in Travel Gossip’s Facebook group.

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