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By Lisa James
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Ramblers Walking Holidays and its Adagio brand have combined under the new name Ramble Worldwide.

The operator’s combined programme has been curated into four different collections, one of which retains the Adagio name, offering ‘relaxed tempo walks’.

The other three collections are: Classic, which incorporates ‘iconic’ trails and lesser-known paths, such as Portugal’s Wild Atlantic Coast; Discover, featuring inspiring destinations from around the world; and SelfGuided.

Managing Director Kevin O’Regan said: “Ramblers Walking Holidays has a fantastic heritage. Since 1946, we have been synonymous with adventures. Our product range now covers a much broader range of walking options, from experienced hikers to first time walkers.

“Our new name Ramble Worldwide highlights the exciting journey that we are taking to discover new horizons and share our passion for discovering the beauty of the world on foot.

“Ramble means different things to different people, and this is reflected in our range: from gentle strolls to national trails, worldwide journeys, snowshoe adventures, to ending a day’s walk at a vineyard to taste local wines.”

To find out more, contact Sales Manager Paco Gonzalez at: [email protected]

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