Two-thirds of InteleTravel agents expect sales to grow this year

By Harry Kemble
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Around 67% of InteleTravel agents expect their business to grow this year, compared with 2022, according to a new survey by the US-based homeworking company.

Data pulled from 1,000 InteleTravel agents shows 26% believe their business will grow by up to 25%, while nearly a quarter (24%) expect their sales to increase between 25% and 50%.

But 22% of InteleTravel agents say booking levels will be the same as last year and 10% believe their business might even contract.  

The data also shows around 82% of clients booking with an InteleTravel agent are spending the same or more than they did last year.

Around 16% of agents’ clients are paying between 25% and 50% more for their holidays than last year and 6% are spending over 50% more.

Figures show short-haul trips to the Mediterranean are the most popular holidays booked through InteleTravel agents, accounting for 53% of bookings this year.

Around 27% of bookings were long-haul trips.

However, although customers are generally spending more money, 91% of InteleTravel agents say rising prices are their customers’ biggest concern over flight cancellations and overcrowding in destinations.

Just over two-thirds of the trips booked by InteleTravel agents were all-inclusive holidays because of the value on offer.

Almost 30% of agents are very optimistic about the future of their business, while a further 29% are quietly confident about the future.

More than a quarter (27%) feel less sure about what’s ahead and 12% expect the future to be a struggle.

Some 46% of agents say their customers value their service above all else, while 30% say customers appreciate their knowledge, research and preparation.

Earlier this month, InteleTravel said average booking values had risen by 14% to £1,500 during the year to May 2023.

In total, the company currently has 14,000 homeworkers in the UK and 500 in Ireland.

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