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By Lisa James
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Twelve countries and territories have been put on the Government’s green list, including Portugal, Gibraltar and Israel.

The others are Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, Iceland, Falkland Islands, Faro Islands, South Georgia and Sandwich Islands, St Helena, Tristan de Cuna, Ascension Island.

British travellers are currently banned from most of these countries or will have to quarantine on arrival.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said favourites France, Spain and Greece would not yet be included, as the Government needed to be ‘cautious’ and move ‘tentatively’ on opening up foreign travel.

Travel is allowed to countries on the amber list, but Brits will have to quarantine on return.

Turkey, the Maldives and Nepal have been added to the red list.

Shapps said the list will be reviewed every three weeks.


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