Tunisia changes entry rules for families in time for winter-sun season

By Lisa James
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Tunisia’s UK tourism deputy has said new rules for under 18s on package holidays to the country is ‘great news’ as the destination gears up for the winter-sun season.

Under 18s travelling on package holidays with fully jabbed parents will not have to isolate, the Tunisian government has said.

They will still have to say within their hotel grounds and can only leave if they’re on a group or organised tour, Fakhri Khalsi, Deputy Director of the Tunisian National Tourist Office UK & Ireland told Travel Gossip.

Previously, the rules stated that un-jabbed under-18s on a package holiday had to self-isolate for seven days in their hotel.

Mr Khalsi said the Tunisian Ministry of tourism wrote to the Ministry of Health ‘to urge the exemption in time for the winter sun market, so we could bring back our key tourist markets, including the UK’.

“The rules mean children travelling with fully vaccinated parents on package holidays including hotel, transport and flights are exempt from isolating.”

“It’s great news, as our target is the family market. It’s the most important market to us.  If they don’t enjoy their stay they will not want to go.

“It’s good news for our partners and we are so excited to mark the return to tourism for 18 months.

“Everybody in Tunisia is happy for the return or British tourists. We are considered one of the best winter sun destinations.”

The TNTO said: “We officially confirm that children under 18 years old are exempt from self-isolating when travelling with vaccinated adults on packaged holiday trip to Tunisia.

“This is not applicable for children under 18 years of age travelling with unvaccinated adults or on flight only (not within packaged tour holiday).

“Tourists must always follow the rules of the implemented COVID Health protocol in Tunisia as well as within hotels where they’re staying at.”

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