TUI BLUE to open hotels in Bali and The Gambia for the first time

New TUI Blue hotels
By Linsey McNeill
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TUI has confirmed it is expanding its TUI BLUE hotel chain with the opening of a total of 22 new hotels in 13 countries.

The expansion follows the opening of five new hotels this summer.

Seven openings are currently planned for the coming year in China, Cambodia, Vietnam and The Gambia.

In the future, there will also be a new hotel in Berawa Beach in Bali.

“Our hotel business is performing strongly and we are driving projects across different brands of the Group at a high pace,” said TUI Hotels & Resorts MD Erik Friemuth

“With the growth of TUI BLUE, we are also expanding our targeted customer base in Asia and Africa. For example, our hotels in China will primarily welcome local holidaymakers.”

Openings in 2024: 

  • TUI BLUE Wusongkou Cruise Port, China – 83 rooms
  • TUI BLUE Nha Trang, Vietnam – 316 rooms
  • TUI BLUE Stardream Lake, Cambodia – 80 rooms
  • TUI BLUE Tuy Hoya, Vietnam – 218 rooms
  • TUI BLUE Kotu Point, The Gambia – 84 rooms
  • TUI BLUE Tamala, The Gambia – 140 rooms
  • TUI BLUE Taicang, Jiangsu, China – 132 rooms

Future openings: 

  • TUI BLUE Lonudhua, Maldives – 60 rooms 
  • TUI Blue Shushan Suzhou, China – 100 rooms
  • TUI BLUE Jalaw Beach, Senegal – 224 rooms 
  • TUI BLUE Qingchengshan, China – 150 rooms
  • TUI BLUE Berawa Beach, Bali/Indonesia – 108 rooms
  • TUI BLUE Puerto Banus, Spain – 322 rooms
  • TUI BLUE Clearwater Bay, Hainan, China – 266 rooms
  • TUI BLUE Faralya, Turkey – 156 rooms
  • TUI BLUE Curaçao – 350 rooms
  • TUI BLUE Reutte, Austria – 105 rooms
  • TUI BLUE Huivani, Maldives – 300 rooms
  • TUI BLUE Koh Kong, Cambodia – 320 rooms
  • TUI BLUE Rayong, Thailand – 250 rooms
  • TUI BLUE Fuyang, China – 200 rooms
  • TUI BLUE Manila Bay, Philippines – 250 rooms

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