Travelpack’s Vishal Patel says Infinity deal will benefit agents

Travelpack buys Infinity
By Linsey McNeill
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Travelpack Director Vishal Patel says its acquisition of cruise, tours and sports specialist Infinity Media from the administrators will benefit its travel agent partners.

He said that as a result of the deal, Travelpack will be able to secure better rates and offer agents a wider range of product.

Infinity specialises in Latin America, sports tours and cruise, which are areas where Travelpack was looking to expand. “This deal will enable us to expand much faster,” said Vishal

Travelpack has retained all  Infinity staff – of which there around 25 – who will bring their expertise to the business, he added.

They will also fulfil around 500 existing bookings, which Travelpack has taken over as a condition of the sale.

Travelpack also intends to keep the Infinity brand. “It will operate independently, we will not destroy either brand, but there will be a lot of added value to both operations,” added Vishal. “The two companies are perfectly aligned, I could not really have thought of a better partnership.”

Vishal said Infinity has almost six times the volume of cruise sales as Travelpack, adding: “Some of their contracts are better than ours, and we will benefit from economies of scale.

“What they bring to the table is expertise that we can use to ramp up cruise sales and, going forward, we will have better and more frequent deals.”

When it launches its new website in about four months’ time, Travelpack will enable agents to book cruise packages online for the first time, and, with the expanded product range from Infinity, it will be able to offer retailers more options.

Travelpack is also looking to ‘ramp up’ its sports tours business, added Vishal. “Those sales are going really well at the moment, and we want to ride that wave as long as it lasts, and Infinity has some really good contracts.”

Vishal is also looking to increase sales to Latin America, another specialist area for Infinity. “They are a really good fit for us and I’m really pleased to be working with them. It’s also a win-win for our suppliers and our travel agent partners.”

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