Travelpack urges agents waiting for tickets to Euros not to panic 

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By Linsey McNeill
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Travelpack has reassured agents with football fans travelling to UEFA Euro 2024 matches in Germany not to panic if their tickets haven’t arrived shortly before kick-off.

Ahead of tonight’s England match in Frankfurt, Travelpack Director Vishal Patel said all tickets ‘will arrive in good time’.

His reassurance came after some agents expressed concern yesterday that, just hours before the start off Scotland’s match against Switzerland, their clients hadn’t received tickets bought from Travelpack.

Vishal admitted that ‘one or two tickets’ had arrived just two hours before kick-off, but he said there was no need for agents to be concerned.

“Tickets are released by the supplier one at a time,” he said. “It does take a while, especially in the opening stages of the tournament when there are a lot of tickets, and a few do come through quite late.

“I fully understand people getting anxious but I want to reassure agents that we have never let anyone down.

“We use reputable suppliers, they issue thousands of tickets for every major tournament and there is never a problem.”

While most tickets for the Euros are released the day before the event, Vishal said some might not appear in the app – which customers need to download – until two hours before the match.

“Please don’t panic if your client hasn’t got their tickets,” added Vishal. “We are happy for agents to contact us if they are concerned, obviously sometimes there might be an issue – such as having been given the wrong email address – but in most cases it is just a question of waiting and we know from experience that it’s best to trust in the supplier and let them get on with processing the tickets.

“I want to reassure agents that Travelpack is on top of this, we won’t let them down.”

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