Travellers told to buy PCR tests they don’t need, says report

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By Linsey McNeill
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COVID test providers are encouraging holidaymakers to buy more tests than they need, according to a new report.

It said that some companies included on the Government’s list of test providers are giving travellers incorrect information.

While fully vaccinated arrivals from amber countries only need to take a PCR test on or before their second day in the UK, some companies are giving the impression they need two, says the report in The Times.

It said Dante Labs, one of the providers on a list included on the Government’s website, advertises a ‘mandatory arrival test package’ for those coming from amber countries, which includes both day 2 and day 8 tests.

However, the £84 bundle is only needed by arrivals who aren’t fully vaccinated or those who had their vaccinations outside the UK, EU or US.

Dante Labs does include further advice on its website on what tests are needed, but it doesn’t make it clear that holidaymakers who have been fully vaccinated in the UK don’t need a day 8 test when returning from amber countries.

Another company on the list, Corona Test Centre, says on its website that arrivals from an amber-listed country need a ‘day 2 and 8 test package’, which costs £199, said The Times.

Corona Test Centre does advise elsewhere on its website that people who’ve been fully vaccinated in the UK, EU or USA don’t need the day eight test. The company told The Times that it would ‘add a note directing users to our country-specific information’.

Dante Labs did not respond to the news outlet’s request for comment.

Health Minister Sajid Javid cut the cost of private tests for arrivals available from NHS Test & Trace provider CTM by a fifth last week, but at the same time he ruled out a price cap for testing companies.

A Competition and Markets Authority investigation into the industry is expected within a month.

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