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By Lisa James
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InsideJapan is reassuring agents it is looking at ways to mitigate a big price hike on Japan’s rail network that is coming into effect next month.

From 1 October, train tickets will increase by more than 70%, according to the Japan Railways Group (JR Group).

The JR Group says the price of a seven-day and 14-day Rail Pass will increase by 69% and and the Green ‘first-class’ pass will rise by up to 77%. The increase is due to a weak yen and rising costs.

The seven-day Rail Pass will increase from 29,650yen (approximately £162) to 50,000yen (about £273).

InsideJapan said it is offering alternative solutions to help bring the costs down, such as using more cost-effective individual tickets in its small group tours and self-guided adventures itineraries.

UK Trade Sales Manager Gabo Quiros said: “Japan has long been synonymous with rail travel, and it is seen as one of the easiest and most economically viable ways to navigate the country. This fare increase will no doubt impact visitors, with many itineraries just not getting the same value from a Rail Pass it currently does.

“Travelling on the Shinkansen ‘bullet train’ and using the extensive rail network is part of the unique Japan experience and will continue to be with many itineraries still depending on it, but it will just needs to be approached in a different way.

“Individual tickets are not only more cost effective in many cases, but they are also more convenient for customers as there is no need to queue at stations to exchange the Rail Pass voucher. Customers can also travel on the faster Shinkansen, which Rail Passes holders are prohibited from travelling on.”

Meanwhile, InsideJapan has promoted Senior Travel Consultant Holly Brown as its new Business Development Manager.

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