Travellers choosing alternative destinations for 2024, says Audley Travel

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Audley Travel says clients are opting to visit alternative destinations, as well as focusing on off-season travel and sustainability for 2024.

The tailormade specialist has shared its latest report on travel trends, which combines responses from more than 2,000 respondents, as well as booking figures and trends from its own travel specialists.

Audley has cited that while availability is tight for many destinations, clients are choosing to visit alternative iconic sights and experiences.  For example, South Korea is proving to be a popular switch for clients wanting to see Japan’s cherry blossoms and Nicaragua is another option to the rainforests of Costa Rica.

Audley has also found clients planning travel for 2024 are increasingly booking in the off-season to take advantage of lower prices and better availability.

Overall, Audley’s top destinations booked for 2024 travel are India, Canada, Japan, the USA and Costa Rica, and the average duration is 18.5 days, up six per cent from 17.4 days in 2023.

Despite the rising cost of living, there is continued growth in demand for luxury properties and experiences. For example, luxury lodges in Australia and New Zealand are selling faster than pre-2020, and there has been demand for small ship expedition style cruising.

Bucket list trips are still a top motivator for travel, with Audley’s specialists stating this as the reason for 36 per cent of trips. But this is less so than in 2023, when 72% chose this as the main reason to travel.

Sustainability among consumers also remains high – Audley’s research found that 57% of those surveyed said that having sustainable travel options is important to them.

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