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By Lisa James
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Progressive Travel Recruitment boss James Roberts has set up a dry B&B holiday business in the Canary Islands.

Mr Roberts, who is Co-Owner of the recruitment company, set up the business, called dryHolidays, with his partner Tony to ‘fill a gap in the market’.

Guests can book a restorative holiday at the B&B, called CasaSALVIA, in Tenerife.

Mr Roberts told the Express: “I created dryHolidays to help those in recovery navigate the first few trips abroad in a safe, supportive and nurturing way.

“Based on my own personal experience, and on those of the other addicts in recovery that I have met on my journey through sobriety, taking a holiday is one of the major causes of anxiety post-rehab.

“Holidays are hugely triggering – for me my drinking would begin the moment I set foot in the airport, as bars in the departures lounge are open around the clock, and there is a proliferation of free alcohol in the lounges.

“Then there’s the airline’s trolly service to navigate, and that’s before you’ve even arrived on your holiday and settled into the hotel bar.

“I am passionate about creating amazing and joyful holidays for people in sobriety that support both the addict and their partner equally.”

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