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Travel Gossip’s first New to USA Bootcamp was hailed a success by agents who attended some or all of the online sessions.

Representatives from organisations including Brand USA, Daytona Beach, Delta, Travel Nevada, United and Visit Orlando took part in the sessions, which were aimed at helping agents to secure bookings.

The New to USA Bootcamp followed Travel Gossip’s inaugural New to Cruise Bootcamp in September. And there’s more to come in 2024 with a further four bootcamps planned for the year, kicking off with Caribbean and then Touring bootcamps in the spring and mid summer, followed by another cruise bootcamp in September and a second USA bootcamp in November.

Personal Travel Consultant Kim Cardy said she particularly liked the formula of the USA Bootcamp: “I loved that it was in bite-sized chunks that made it easy to attend and take in lots of information in small periods of time,” she said.” I retain more that way and it is manageable to take notes. It was invaluable to learn about regions in America that are more off the beaten track, Huntington Beach for example.”

Agent Jennifer Holman of Hays Travel said she managed to immediately secure additional bookings from an existing client after attending the bootcamp. “I managed to get them to book Hard Rock Universal with Universal tickets and also Seaworld,” she said. “The bootcamp was brilliant, I learned so many things.”

Travology’s Bernadette Hawkins added: “The USA Bootcamp was fantastic for me. I’ve not been very confident selling the USA and always just stuck with the usual New York, Las Vegas and Orlando, but the Bootcamp really gave me the opportunity to be open and learn about new destinations and the confidence to roll the information out to our homeworkers.

“This gives the opportunity for our USA sales to really grow, relationships to be formed with suppliers we don’t usually work with, and we now have some new ideas for our clients to add to their itineraries. Since the training I have signed up to Brand USA and we are actively using their content marketing, it’s fab!”

Promenade Travel’s Jack Green said: “I found the format really easy to access. I liked the fact you could access on demand and it was very user friendly.”

Kh Premium Travel’s Kathleen Hudspith added: “The USA Bootcamp provided a wide range of information about many areas within the USA which were all presented in an interesting way. Even if agents think they know the USA there is always something new happening and this was definitely touched upon by the presenters and it provided some background for agents who may be unfamiliar with some of the areas. I can’t wait for the next USA Bootcamp!”

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