Travel Counsellors seeks to recruit pro athletes like former goalie Ben Pierce

By Linsey McNeill
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Travel Counsellors is looking to recruit more professional athletes to follow in the footsteps of former goalkeeper Ben Pierce.

Ben, who played for several football clubs including the junior teams at Everton and Manchester United and the first team at West Brom, and, most recently Macclesfield, became a Travel Counsellor last year.

He set up Ben Pierce Travel in December 2022 after leaving Macclesfield last May.

Travel Counsellors has now teamed up with the platform Life After Professional Sport (LAPS) to help more ex-athletes start businesses in the travel industry.

LAPS has 5,500 members of all ages, sports disciplines and career stages looking to set up a dual career alongside their sport or get back into the workplace after retiring.

The Travel Counsellors’ recruitment team has attended three LAPS events, Ahead of the Games, to meet with men and women from across football academies, Premier League, Football League and non-league squads, as well as LAPS members from a range of other elite and Olympic sports, who are planning for their future and considering career and opportunities beyond, or around, their sport. 

Ben said: “I have a passion for travel and spent most of my off seasons travelling.

“Owning my own business was a life goal and Travel Counsellors has allowed me to tie up those two passions.

“I’ve been fortunate to see a lot of the world and love to help my customers with the knowledge I have of hotels and destinations, it’s a great knowledge base and one that is strengthened by the great technology and community at Travel Counsellors.”

Robbie Simpson, LAPS MD said: “There is a lot of synergy with our members and the attributes of a Travel Counsellor – who do not want to be tied to a desk, they have an entrepreneurial spirit and are used to working on results. Our members are also very familiar with the travel market and what customer are looking for, in order to go that extra mile.”

The Travel Counsellors Academy offers those who have not worked in travel before a way into the industry with a six-month training and onboarding programme, a personal mentor, learning and development tools, technology and access to the in-house technology platform Phenix.

Matt Harding, Head of Franchise Recruitment & Training at Travel Counsellors, said: “We identified a number of traits that make a great Academy Travel Counsellor, those who love working in a team, who are resilient and have an entrepreneurial spirit – that fit well with LAPS members, who we are looking forward to meeting and helping them into their new career.

“The LAPS partnership also aligns well as Travel Counsellors’ corporate team also work with a number of sports teams both large and at a grass roots level for their travel needs.”

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