Travel Counsellor takes her first Princess booking after daughter vlogs about family day onboard

By Linsey McNeill
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A travel agent landed her first ever Princess Cruises booking after a customer saw her eight-year-old daughter’s vlog about her day onboard Regal Princess

Manchester-based Travel Counsellor Lisa Connolly was among 2,000 UK agents invited by Princess for a one-day ship visits this summer.

She and her daughter Emily enjoyed a family day on Regal Princess, along with other Travel Counsellors, while the ship was docked in Liverpool.

Lisa posted her daughter Emily’s vlog about the day on Instagram, together with a reel of her own about their time on the ship, which were seen by a customer who went on to make a £9,000 booking for south-east Asia, including a £4,000 Princess cruise.

“I had never been on a ship before so I had never felt comfortable about selling cruises, without having been onboard,” said Lisa. “I was out of my comfort zone, because I come from a corporate background cruising is new to me, it was like a different language, but after our time on Regal Princess I was able to walk the customer through it and take the booking.”

Even though her customer booked a solo cruise, Lisa said she had found it useful to have been invited to bring her daughter on Regal Princess during one of the cruise line’s family days for agents.

“A lot of my customers are families so it’s useful to be able to post family content on my social media,” she said. “This particular customer saw Emily’s story on my Instagram and although that wasn’t what clinched the sale, it really helped.”

Emily talked in her vlog about why she though Princess Cruises would make a great family holiday, highlighting child-friendly facilities such as the pools and the kids club, plus, of course, onboard pizza! She also featured heavily in the Instagram reel Lisa posted separately.

“I get quite a lot of engagement on my Instagram stories, it’s where customers get ideas, and although I was already in conversation with the customer who went on to book the Princess Cruise, I don’t think I would have been able to sell it without that day on the ship,” added Lisa.

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