Travel agent ‘overwhelmed’ by support from colleagues after posting tearful video

By Neal Baldwin
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Strawberry Holidays owner Kate Holroyd says she’s been ‘overwhelmed’ by good wishes from fellow agents after posting a tearful Facebook video (below) celebrating the fact she had finally cleared her COVID-related debts.

Homeworker Kate told Travel Gossip she had been left to pay back a ‘five-figure sum’ after her consortium, Global Travel Group, sought to recover commission it had paid on holidays she’d sold and then had to refund because of the pandemic.

“To be fair, Global has been fantastic with me and I understand fully that the commission should be paid back after it gave customers 100% refunds, but that hasn’t lessened the stress and worry. It’s such a relief to have finally got back in the black,” she said.

“The great thing about the travel agent community is the way it is so supportive and like a family. Lots of agents know me from my Facebook Live sessions so it was nice to be able to pass on my good news. I’ve cried lots during the pandemic, but for the first time these were happy tears.”

In her emotional video, Kate explains how Global has allowed her to pay back owed commission as a percentage of her earnings, and how she had just received a statement confirming she was finally debt free. Crying with relief, she admits she feared the payments ‘could sink’ her business, which has been running since October 2016.

Kate, who previously worked for firms including MyTravel, Thomas Cook and, said she had been forced to do 80-hour weeks during COVID to keep her head above water, taking on a full-time marketing role and waitressing.

In recent weeks, she has taken desk space in a nearby office as well as working from home, giving her the opportunity to meet more clients face-to-face. This August is set to be the agency’s biggest-ever month for sales.

“There is lots of doom and gloom talked about our industry but I believe more than ever there is a need for agents now,” she said. “The increase in regulations and uncertainty about travel means people can really benefit from our help and advice. We’re in an ideal place to show the strength of our trade.

“I know there are other agents out there in a similar position to the one I was in. My message is ‘just keep swimming’ because there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

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