Traffic light review could bring winter sales boost

By Linsey McNeill
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Several winter ski destinations will be added to the UK’s green travel list from Monday, which could boost winter sales.

Canada, Switzerland and Finland will all move off the amber list at 4am on 30 August.

Lisa Henning, MD of the homeworking group Inspire, also pointed out that Finland’s move to green will help the sale of Lapland Christmas breaks.

“It’s very disappointing not to see further popular holiday destinations added to the green list, and difficult to see what’s driving the decisions, as it’s clearly not the data. However, it’s pleasing to see that Canada, Switzerland and Finland have gone green, which will help sales of winter ski and Lapland Christmas breaks,” she said.

“We may have lost summer now, but bookings for September departures have been exceptionally strong for us and, on the back of this update, that should remain.”

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