Trafalgar launches women-only tours

By Lisa James
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Trafalgar is moving into the female-only market with the launch of a Women Only Tours range, featured on 13 itineraries across the UK, Europe, Asia and Egypt from this week.

The operator says it has seen an increase in demand from women can travel confidently with like-minded travellers.

The product range combines the destinations where Trafalgar sees the highest percentage of female bookings with those that female focus groups have highlighted.

Guests are hosted by all-female travel directors and drivers.

The itineraries deliver enriching travel experiences and the chance to build deeper connections, including the chance to meet other inspiring women whilst touring, including female artisans, entrepreneurs, and trailblazers across the world. 

Experiences include learning about Umbrian weaving in Italy with Marta Cucchia, the woman keeping this ancient tradition alive; visit the village of Demircidere and bake traditional bread with the most liberated women in Turkey, or share a meal with the women of the Iraq al-Amir Women’s Association in Jordan.

Trafalgar Sales and Marketing Director Donna Jeavons said the operator plans more tours throughout the year.

More details here.

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