Tradewind Voyages owner to appear in court next week

By Harry Kemble
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The future of Brodosplit, the shipyard company that owns Tradewind Voyages’ ship Golden Horizon, is to be decided at a bankruptcy hearing next week.

According to Croatian media, the country’s largest shipyard Brodospilt, which is a subsidiary of Croatia-based DIV Group, will attend ‘a decisive hearing on the matter of bankruptcy’ at the Commercial Court in Split on 24 March.

The company says its financing problems began when major lender VTB Germany, which is based in Russia, was sanctioned. That led to the cancellation of all Golden Horizon sailings up to October 2023.

Tradewind said it would continue to ‘realign its business and financing structure’.

Legal representatives of DIV Group Chief Executive Tomislav Debeljak, who is the only remaining Tradewind Voyages Director, have been invited to the court next week.

Debeljak is a Croatian national who was appointed Director of Tradewind Voyages on 24 May, 2022, according to Companies House.  

Both Tradewind Voyages’ Chief Executive Alan McGrory and Head Of Distribution And Marketing Amanda Norey have left the line in recent months.

It is understood that 15 to 20 staff in the UK have not been paid since sanctions were imposed on VTB following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Last year former Marketing Manager Maddie Taylor told Travel Gossip she risked losing her house because she hadn’t been paid for five months.

Maddie, a new mum, posted a message on Linkedin begging owner Tomislav Debeljak to pay her the £15,000 she said she was owed, but he later told her that she should claim benefits instead and ‘be happy and in love’.

Travel Gossip has contacted Brodosplit for comment.

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