Tradewind Voyages ex-employee begs owners to pay her before she loses her house

By Linsey McNeill
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Tradewind Voyages’ former Marketing Manager Maddie Taylor says she’s owed five months’ salary by the Croatian owners of the company which owns the tall ship Golden Horizon.

She says she – and other employees – haven’t been paid since February.

New cruise line Tradewind is owned by the Croatian shipywar Brodosplit, whose parent company is DIV Group.

It temporarily suspended its cruises in August this year until October 2023, saying it was trying to restructure the business due to sanctions imposed on its Russian-based bankers.

However, the Golden Horizon has been commissioned to house football fans during the World Cup in Qatar, and Maddie says staff should be paid before the company takes any money from its new venture.

Maddie, who has a newborn baby, said that unless she’s paid what she’s owed, she risks losing her house.

She said her last pay cheque was in February and she went on maternity leave in April, but she said she hasn’t received any of the maternity benefit she’s entitled to since this has been paid directly to Tradewind.

She finally quit in the summer and started another job, but she was made redundant after just three months. Maddie said 15 other former employees are also owned money by Tradewind.

In an emotional post on the site LinkedIn, the new mum called on Brodosplit and its parent company DIV Group to pay her what she says she is owed.

“I am now publicly begging Brodosplit – Ship Management Ltd and DIV GROUP Ltd to pay the money they owe all of their employees from Tradewind Voyages before they employ new people for the owner’s private yacht,” she wrote.

“I have a newborn baby and am about to lose my house, have been summoned to court for unpaid bills, I have not even received a penny of maternity leave pay from them either.”

She said messages to the company have gone unanswered.

Travel Gossip approached Tomislav Debeljak, the owner and CEO of DIV Group, several weeks ago to discuss the company’s alleged unpaid bills in the UK, but he has not responded to our request for a comment.

DIV Group filed for a pre-bankruptcy procedure with Zagreb Commercial Court in April due to debts of €5.5m, according to local media. The privately-owned group consists of more than 55 companies involved in shipbuilding, manufacturing and railway infrastructure.

Golden Horizon has been advertised for sale online for a price of €118m, according to the cruise blog Shipmonk.

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