Three tortured bodies wash up on popular Mexico beaches

By Linsey McNeill
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Three bodies have washed up in front of holidaymakers on two popular Mexico beaches.

Police say the deceased were likely victims of violent cartels that operate in the central American country.

Reports say one of the male corpses had a cement anchor tied to his hand and foot, while a second had been shot in the back of the neck.

Two of the bodies came ashore at Acapulco’s Playa Condesa, where photos show tourists continuing to swim in the sea while the corpses lie on the beach.

The third washed up near a military base.

Is Acapulco safe for tourists?

Acapulco is located in the state of Guerrero on Mexico’s Pacific coast, far from the more popular holiday destination of Cancun, which is on the Caribbean coast.

The UK Foreign Office advises against all travel to Guerrero except the coastal strip of the touristic zone in Acapulco.

It says: “Guerrero is an extremely violent state plagued with a history of insecurity.

“There is a strong organised crime presence throughout the state, including in central Acapulco and Chilpancingo.

“There have been several instances of armed crime, including shootings and executions, both within and outside the tourist areas in Acapulco.

“The local authorities work to reduce the risks to tourists in the touristic zone in Acapulco, but you should take extreme care and avoid walking outside of your hotel at night and avoid leaving the touristic zone.”

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