Three more popular long-haul destinations lift entry barriers

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By Linsey McNeill
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Japan, Hong Kong and Barbados have all confirmed they are lifting or easing entry restrictions for international arrivals.

Japan has confirmed it will remove its daily entry cap for international visitors on 11 October and tourists from the UK will no longer have to apply in advance for a visa.

The easing of restrcitions was announced by the country’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida yesterday.

Hong Kong will end its mandatory hotel quarantine for overseas arrivals after more than two years on Monday. However, arrivals will still need to undergo three days of ‘home medical surveillance’ and they won’t be able to visit bars and restaurants during this time. They will also need to take a rapid antigen test pre-departure and a PCR test on arrival.

Barbados Tourism confirmed the island has lifted all COVID-related travel restrictions this week so there is no longer any need to be vaccinated or to take a test.

Japan specialist InsideJapan said the easing of travel restrictions was in time for the ‘Koyo’ autumn leaf season. Co-founder, Simon King said: “After two and a half years of various restrictions, Japan is now fully open to tourists without the hassle of visas.

“For our customers and agents, this removes the final barrier to travel and any uncertainty around travel allowing them to plan and look forward to their trips.” 
The new rules mean that travellers to Japan from ‘Blue’ countries, including the UK, will be given a visa on arrival. Triple vaccinated travellers will not need to take a COVID test but unvaccinated travellers will need to provide proof of a negative test before they depart.  

Simon added: “Despite being one of the last few countries in the world to keep restrictions in place and the impression that may give, Japan really is very keen to welcome visitors again.

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