Millions watched as pilots struggled to land in gale-force winds

By Linsey McNeill
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Millions of people tuned in to a Youtube channel to watch as pilots struggled to land at London Heathrow and Bristol airports on Friday as Storm Eunice created havoc across the south of England.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said in a tweet that both airports experienced ‘high numbers’ of failed landing attempts.

Millions of people were glued to the Youtube channel Big JetT V, which live streamed footage of planes landing at Heathrow since early morning.

The Youtube channel proved compulsive viewing as it showed planes buffeted by winds of up to 120mph as they approached Heathrow.

Several pilots were unable to land on their first attempt due to the almost hurricane-force winds.

One plane from Qatar made two failed attempts before successfully landing on the third approach to the airport.

Scores of flights were cancelled at airports across the southeast, including some long-haul services.

There was disruption to ferry and rail services too, with all crossing from Dover cancelled and a national ‘do not travel’ advisory across the entire National Rail network.

Mr Shapps tweeted that rail routes were suspended due to blocked tracks in the south.

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