Theresa May stands up for travel – again

Theresa May in the House of Commons
By Lisa James
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Former Prime Minister Theresa May has again stood up in Parliament to fight for the travel industry, asking Boris Johnson when test requirements will be removed for people entering England.

Mrs May was speaking after the current PM announced Plan B restrictions will be removed from next week.

She was told the Government is reviewing travel testing arrangements and to expect a statement within days.

Mrs May asked the PM: “Many of my constituents work in the aviation sector. I welcome the announcement he has made about Plan B restrictions today but I note he made no reference to the tests that are still required for people coming into England.

“If we are going to learn to live with COVID we need to facilitate travel.

“So, will he take this opportunity to announce that, when Plan B restrictions are removed next week, the Government will also make it clear that there will be no test requirements for anybody entering England who is fully vaccinated?”

The PM replied: “We are certainly reviewing the testing arrangements for travel and my Rt Hon friend, the Secretary for Health, will be making a statement in the next few days on that.

“But I think it’s important that everybody in the country understands that getting your booster, wherever you want to go in the world, is going to be a pretty crucial thing to do.”

Last summer, Mrs May launched a damning attack on the Government’s handling of travel during COVID, which she said had ‘devastated industry, lost jobs and shut global Britain’.

During a Commons debate last June, she said the Government had promised in 2020 to help the travel industry, but she expressed disappointment that: “One year on, we are no further forward. Indeed, what we have is a devastated industry, jobs lost and global Britain shut for business. More than not being any further forward, we’ve gone backwards.”

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