Test company to refund passengers after struggling to meet demand

By Lisa James
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COVID travel test company Eurofins has said it will refund passengers hit by delays in arrival of their tests or results.

The Telegraph says Eurofins ran out test kits over the weekend, forcing it to suspend sales, although it’s understood the problems have been resolved.

Eurofins’ single test, which costs £45, have proved popular and the company has struggled to meet demand.

It has said it will fully refund passengers left at risk of fines, who missed flights or were unable to work or left out of pocket because of delays in arrival of the test or results.

The Telegraph said Eurofins is at least the second test provider to have had to suspend sales after running out of Covid test supplies. 001Doctor.uk, which faced similar complaints from customers, has also paused taking new orders after facing ‘exceptional’ demand, the newspaper said.

It said a senior industry source blamed the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) for failing to take sufficient account of companies’ logistic capability to deliver tests at scale, instead concentrating on the scientific accuracy of the tests.

Eighty-four percent of the 200 reviews on the Trustpilot consumer site rated Eurofins as bad.

Last week, a Travel Gossip exclusive revealed pre-departure COVID tests being sold to holidaymakers in the UK might have to be withdrawn as they aren’t intended for use by lay persons without close supervision.

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