Terror threat level lowered in Brussels

Brussels terror threat lowered
By Lisa James
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Authorities have downgraded the threat level in Brussels, after it was raised to the maximum following a terrorist attack on Monday.

The terror threat level for the Belgian capital is now back at level 3 ‘serious’ – in line with the rest of the country.

It had been raised to the highest level on Monday after two Swedish nationals were shot dead on Boulevard d’Ypres in the centre of Brussels. A third person is in hospital.

Police shot and killed the suspect after he was spotted in a cafe in Schaerbeek on Tuesday morning, around eight hours after the attack.

The Foreign Office has updated its advice to say: “A shooting on Boulevard d’Ypres in central Brussels on 16 October 2023 caused two fatalities.

“In response to the terrorist attack, the Belgian authorities raised the threat level for the Brussels-Capital Region to the maximum level 4 and advised people to refrain from unnecessary travel.

“The threat level has now been lowered to level 3 ‘serious’ for the whole of Belgium. You can expect to see an increased police presence, and additional safety measures may be in place.

“Be aware of your surroundings, and follow the advice of local authorities.”

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