TARGET founder still hopeful of Govt support for agents

By Lisa James
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Jill Waite, Co-Founder of newly launched agent campaign group TARGET, says last night’s Parliamentary debate gives hope for more industry support.

The Petitions Committee debate on international travel and COVID-19, heard from several MPs who said they supported local travel agents.

Ms Waite said: “A lot of people did stand up and bring up travel agents and the lack of support we had.

“I’m hopeful that we will get some more support from the Government.

“I didn’t take from the debate that there would be no support. MPs were supportive.

“One MP had a lot of people in their constituency who work at Heathrow. Travel agents got a good mention.”

Nick Fletcher MP, member of the Petitions Committee, opened the debate by saying: “Travel agents have been disproportionately impacted because of the structure of their businesses.”

On behalf of the Government, Jo Churchill MP said: “I feel for travel agents. However, they are supported by the Treasury and the different interventions in place and those are ongoing as we open up. This is a first step. We must continue this approach.”

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