Tales from the Secret Agent: The bonus booking

By Lisa James
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Well, a lovely sunny afternoon is shattered when that pouty, shouty client from last week, Mrs Range Rover, comes back in like butter wouldn’t melt.

After our previous encounter, I’m very wary, but she sits down anyway.

Nothing’s mentioned about our previous run-in and, on this occasion, she’s actually delightful!

She’s talked to her daughter in Australia and now has a full itinerary for me to quote.

I’m informed she appreciates my expertise, and she couldn’t be more complimentary.

I’m still on guard, though, and look at her through squinted eyes like a field mouse cornered by a boa constrictor.

An accurate quote is delivered and she’s thrilled.

I start to relax slightly, then spot the AMEX card clutched in her hand. Will she continue to be nice when I have to inform her it’s the only card we don’t take?

I decide the only way to find out is to get it over with, so I give her the bad news. Like a Mexican stand-off, but without the cigars, we do the dance.

She blinks first.

“No problem,” she says, breaking the tension. “I have a Visa card.”

Booking made, she again thanks me for all my hard work.

In actual fact, it was an easy booking and I didn’t have to do much. Still, she’s booked and at the end of the day everyone’s happy.

For now…

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