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By Lisa James
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A tricky situation reared its ugly head this week.

A couple I’ve booked for years and who have recently split up caused a dilemma when the lady called in to book a week in Tenerife with her friend.

Holiday booked and paid, I’m told she’s looking forward to a nice getaway to get over the nasty split and is looking forward to some R and R with her bestie.

Fast forward to a couple of days and in walks the other half of the now defunct couple, with a new blonde firmly attached to his hip.

They are looking for a quick getaway and new squeeze has decided on a lovely hotel in Tenerife. It’s not the same hotel I’ve booked for his previous partner (phew) but it is almost the same time as when she will be there and they will overlap.  Also, it’s literally a five-minute walk between the two properties.

Data protection means I can’t tell them, so I offer different resorts and even different islands. But no, the blonde’s heart is set on the hotel she has found, so I make the booking.

I’m picturing something similar to Carry on Abroad, or – for younger readers – Ex on the Beach, and I just hope it doesn’t end in tears…

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