Strong winds force UK flights to abort landings and divert

Jet2 weather warning
By Harry Kemble
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Flights were forced to divert hundreds of miles away from their scheduled destinations after strong winds rocked the planes as they attempted to land this week.  

A Heathrow-bound United Airlines plane reportedly diverted to Edinburgh around 400 miles away on Wednesday (12 April) after declaring an emergency during the flight, the Edinburgh Evening News reports.

United Airlines confirmed adverse weather conditions caused the diversion.

On Tuesday (11 April), two Jet2 flights from the Canary Islands to Manchester Airport were also forced to change course. The airline confirmed both flights were diverted because of the weather conditions.

Passengers on the Jet2 flight LS892 from Lanzarote described the last 30 minutes of their journey as ‘scary’, according to the Manchester Evening News.

The pilot diverted to Birmingham after aborting the landing in Manchester.

Jennifer Pardoe, 41, who was travelling on the plane with her partner and three-year-old daughter, said the flight felt ‘like a rollercoaster’.

“It was a bit scary. We are all used to having a bit of turbulence on a plane and we were told there would be a bit of bad weather getting close to Manchester.

“It seemed normal. I remember the pilot telling us were about 30 minutes away. We were coming through the clouds, and we could see the airport hen suddenly we heard the engine kick in and felt a big drop. It was dramatic.”

Jennifer said the pilot was ‘very good’ but admitted the landing at Birmingham ‘wasn’t easy either’.

One social media user wrote: “I watched it. Was tilting left very bad.”

The Jet2 flight from Gran Canaria was also forced to abandon its landing at Manchester Airport due to poor weather conditions.

The plane reportedly circled multiple times over parts of Lancashire, lowering to around 1,000ft, before diverting to Newcastle Airport.

It landed at Newcastle shortly before 8pm.

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