Operator no longer booking flights from some airports due to cancellation risk

By Lisa James
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Typically Holidays has decided not to book flights from certain regional airports for the rest of the summer because it can’t offer an alternative if flights are cancelled.

Managing Director Daniele Broccoli said: “Until the end of summer, I’m not booking any more Luton or Bristol flights – even if this means turning down business.

“The problem I have is that, if there is a cancellation, there is not an alternative to offer clients and I don’t like to disappoint people.

“I’m picking airports where I know I can get alternatives. I don’t want to take the risk on behalf of the client.

“If I have someone flying out of Gatwick or Manchester, I can find them an alternative, flying them to another part of Italy or Spain. But at Bristol and Luton I can’t.”

On Friday, Daniele was notified of 20 flight cancellations for July and August and yesterday was told of another four.

He’s also had to deal with several last-minute cancellations that have come in in the middle of the night.

“On Sunday, at 12.15am, my phone went off and I was notified of a 6am flight cancellation.

“I sorted out three options, then rang the client, and then booked alternative flights. I went back to bed at 5.30am.

“It was the same the night before.

“I’ve had lots of sleepless nights and, with airlines cancelling flights so last minute, there is sometimes no alternative for days to get the clients out from their chosen airport and we have to use different airports miles away.

“I would rather lose some bookings than hear the disappointment in clients’ voices when they realise their flights have been cancelled and there is no alternative.”

He added: “If flights are cancelled last minute and the client can’t get an alternative flight, then we refund them in full, yet we’re still hit with charges for the hotel and transfers.

“I’m just being cautious.”

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