Spain waters down domestic flight ban proposal

Spain domestic flight ban
By Linsey McNeill
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Spain is planning to follow fellow EU state France in outlawing some short domestic flights.

Under the proposal from the coalition government, airlines won’t be allowed to operate flights on routes where the train journey is less than two and a half hours, unless they are linking to international flights at a hub airport.

However, this is a dilution of its original proposal to ban flights on journeys that could be made by train in under four hours.

The original proposal was expected to reduce the number of domestic flights by 50,000 a year, but the revised proposal is not likely to have a significant impact.

France banned domestic flights on journeys that can be made by train in under two and a half hours last May.

Spain’s coalition government is also considering restricting the use of private jets, as well as a tax on energy products, including aviation fuel.

The proposals have yet to be approved by the Senate, so there could be more amendments before they become law.

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