SPAA calls on governments to work with industry ahead of elections

By Kelly Ranson
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The Scottish Passenger Agents’ Association (SPAA) is calling on the Scottish and UK governments to work with the industry to ‘secure a green and prosperous’ future, ahead of the upcoming elections.

The SPAA has set out its key issues and priorities for the travel sector in a manifesto.

The document, called ‘A Manifesto for Travel and Tourism: Collaborating for a Future that is Green and Prosperous’ covers three main themes – positioning Scotland as a sustainable travel leader; promoting careers in travel and tourism and creating the conditions for travel businesses to ‘compete and thrive’.

The SPAA’s recommendations include building a robust domestic industry in sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and incentivising investment in new technologies, as well as reforming business rates and the apprenticeship levy to support high street travel agencies and upskill staff.

It is also seeking cooperation with the EU on e-visa regimes and youth mobility agreements to minimise travel disruptions and enhance opportunities for young people.

President Jacqueline Dobson said: “The next five years will determine the future of Scotland’s travel and tourism sector. The Scottish and UK Governments need to work together with industry leaders to create a solid base for a sustainable future. This cooperation will help businesses that depend on travel and tourism to succeed and make sure that people can travel safely and with confidence.

“Travel and tourism are essential to Scotland’s prosperity, not only providing vital connectivity for businesses and communities, but also enhancing the well-being and cultural aspirations of Scots. Our manifesto is a call to action for the Scottish and UK Governments to work with us to create a clear vision and strategy for the sector that supports both growth and sustainability.

“The SPAA is committed to working closely with the governments and industry stakeholders to promote and support our sector, which was severely impacted by the pandemic. We urge all candidates standing in the general election to recognise the importance of travel and tourism to Scotland and to support the recommendations in the manifesto.”

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