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By Lisa James
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Newly-formed Tourism Education and Skills Working Group is seeking the industry’s help to ensure new people joining the sector get the training they need.

The group was formed in April following concerns Level 3 travel and tourism courses won’t receive Government funding from September 2026.

The Government wants to replace current Level 3 courses with a new system, called T-levels, but there is no T–level planned for travel and tourism.

The Tourism Education and Skills Working Group is holding a series of workshops before the end of the year, seeking views and input on what a potential training course for new starters should involve.

Findings will then be passed to educational providers developing replacement courses to those due to end in September 2026.

Institute of Travel and Tourism Director Claire Steiner said: “At the latest meeting the group agreed a set of core themes that would need to be covered by future Level 3 travel and tourism qualifications to best prepare students for further study or to begin their careers in the industry.

“The next steps will involve a series of industry workshops to be held before the end of the year,

“Participants in the workshops will also be invited to take part in activities to demonstrate the industry demand that exists for the courses, which is a vital part of obtaining approval for new courses.

“There will also be opportunities for the industry to engage directly with educational providers as they put the course curriculums together early next year.”

ABTA Head of Education and Career Development Vicki Wolf said: “This is a real opportunity for the travel and tourism industry to shape the future of Level 3 skills training for the sector and it is fantastic to see such enthusiasm and a collaborative approach from across the travel, tourism and hospitality industries.”

More details of the workshops will be announced in the coming weeks.

Anyone interested in taking part in the workshops should contact their trade body – ABTA, the BTA, or UKHospitality and UKinbound – or the other organisations involved in the Travel and Skills Working Group, which include ANTOR and the ITT.

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