Shapps expected to be replaced as Transport Secretary

By Lisa James
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Liz Truss is expected to replace Transport Secretary Grant Shapps when she puts together her new Cabinet in the coming days.

Ms Truss will take over as Prime Minister this afternoon after flying to Balmoral to be appointed by the Queen.

Speculation began over the weekend over whether Mr Shapps would continue to be Secretary of State for Transport in a Truss-led Government.

Political commentators had suggested Penny Mordaunt was in the running, but it’s now believed she’s being considered for another role.

The Times’ Political Editor Steven Swinford has tweeted this morning to say the job of Transport Secretary is to be offered to Anne-Marie Trevelyan, currently Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trade.

Mr Shapps, who himself stood as a candidate in the race for a new leader for the Conservative party after Boris Johnson was forced to step down, has not been hugely popular in the role of Transport Secretary.

He couldn’t prevent an international travel ban during COVID, did not win sector-specific support and was also caught out himself when he had to return early from holiday in Spain to avoid two weeks’ quarantine when the UK Government changed its travel guidance to the country.

His biggest faux pas was implying agents were a thing of the past. Then, during an attempt to apologise, he mistakenly confused them with estate agents.

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