Seven injured after flight hits severe turbulence

By Harry Kemble
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A transatlantic flight was forced to make an emergency landing after severe turbulence rocked the plane at 37,000 feet, injuring seven people and reportedly throwing a flight attendant into the ceiling.

Lufthansa flight 469, flying from Austin, Texas to Frankfurt, had to be diverted to Dulles International Airport in Virginia on Wednesday (1 March).

The carrier said ‘severe turbulence’ around 90 minutes after take-off led to the AIrbus A330-300 making an unscheduled landing at 9.12pm.

One passenger said he saw a flight attendant hit the ceiling, while footage taken from inside the cabin shows food boxes, cups and pamphlets strewn in the aisle.

Passenger Jazz Kantipudi told NBC: “He was literally serving drinks, so he had no way to brace himself.

“At one of the drops, he completely hit the ceiling and dropped down and was completely horizontal.

“I looked to my right and I just saw him up there. It was like something out of a movie.”

Lufthansa confirmed some of the seven injured passengers were taken to hospital. It described the injuries as ‘minor’.

It added: “The safety and well-being of passengers and crew members is Lufthansa’s top priority at all times.”

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