Scammers target BA and easyJet customers hit by flight disruption

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By Harry Kemble
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British Airways and easyJet customers hit by recent delays and cancellations are being targeted by scammers on Twitter.

Fake lookalike BA and easyJet accounts have been responding to customers who tweeted the airlines’ official accounts with queries or complaints following last week’s disruption, asking them to send money or personal information.

The fake accounts respond to the customers on Twitter, pretending to be BA or easyJet’s official accounts. Users who don’t look carefully are failing to spot they have a slightly different handle to the genuine airline accounts.

A number of fake easyJet accounts have tried to persuade customers to send money, sometimes to an offshore account, or they ask for bank information. One fake BA account responds to customers asking for their Whatsapp numbers.

A Twitter account calling itself @easyJet_t with an identical easyJet logo was closed down after The Independent reported it.

A second account has also been reported.

An easyJet spokesperson told The Independent: “We are aware of a fake Twitter account purporting to be an official easyJet account.

“We have reported the account to Twitter so they can take any necessary action.

“We advise customers to only follow and engage with our sole official Twitter channel @easyJet – which is identifiable by the gold verification badge for official businesses – for the latest updates or to seek support.

“We also advise customers to be vigilant and not engage with or click on any links from other accounts.”

Many passengers complained to easyJet on social media after the airline was hit by flight disruption last week. EasyJet blamed stormy weather, crew restrictions and staff sickness for the delays and cancellations.

The news comes after Jet2 and British Airways’ customers were targeted by scammers last summer.

Jet2 warned customers not to buy ‘any form’ of Jet2 or Jet2holidays credit note via social media.

British Airways customers were being contacted by fraudsters, who would ask them to pay money so missing bags could be returned.

Travel Gossip has contacted easyJet for comment.

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