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Travel entrepreneur Steve Endacott has insisted his bid to become the country’s first virtual reality MP is more than just a publicity stunt.

The industry veteran says ‘AI Steve’ is serious about winning the seat of Brighton and Hove in the upcoming General Election, striking a blow for democracy in the fight against an increasingly stage-managed and uncaring political system.

“Nobody out to gain for a bit of cheap PR would invest all the time and effort we have into the tech and the website,” he told Travel Gossip.

“This is a serious attempt to start a political party. If we don’t win in Brighton this time we are committed to carry on. We will be recruiting more AI candidates and standing in local and national elections up and down the country going forward.”

The concept behind AI Steve gives constituents the opportunity to engage with their electronic MP online. One of Steve’s many business interests is Neural Voice – a company dedicated to creating AI bots for business – and this tech powers the system using natural language processing to answer questions and ask for views.

“We have been recruiting human ‘validators’ in Brighton and have a big pool of people signed up,” explained Steve. “Each week they will get information of the issues raised to AI Steve and will score them to decide which ones are the most important.

Should he be elected, Steve promises that he won’t be outsourcing his attendance at the House of Commons. Instead, he’ll physically turn up to vote.

In the election he is officially standing as an independent after a delay at the Electoral Commission meant his party – Smarter UK – could not be registered in time.

Among his proposed policies so far are the introduction of a four-day week by 2030 to manage the loss of jobs caused by AI and an increase in prison building. Smarter UK also pledges to increase National Insurance to invest in the NHS and education, cut university fees, drive EV usage and hike taxes on online retailers to boost high streets.

“This is a radical approach to politics. The strapline is ‘Policies for the people, by the people’ and I genuinely mean it. The traditional political infrastructure is just rubbish, so watch this space!”

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